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We create Animations with Macromedia Flash.
Flash animation, provides a dynamic multimedia experience for your website visitors.
We offer a selection of ready made animations to use on your website. All we ask is for a suitable credit and link. These animations include animated banners and some downloadable free samples animations. From our animation collections, such as animated flags, sport animations, Sci-Fi animations and many more.

USA Animated Flag Banner
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download this animated flag word banner
This animated flag banner is just one example of our International flag animations collection
We have 3 animation designs for each flag: The animated flag on a flag pole, a shaped flag animation which features the animated flag enclosed within a shape generally this is a map of the flags' country and finally the word flag animation were the animated flag is contained with in the out line of a word which is usually the name of the country that the flag belongs to.
The animated USA flag word banner above is a free version that you can download. We are also currently offering another american animated flag word with 4th of July enclosing the animated flag.

Our animated flags collection of flash animation templates also includes animated shapes like the England Football team lion design below, and the Jolly Roger Skull design on the left.
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We also have a large selection of themed animations including:
Animated flags, Some Football animations, animated globe banners, a UFO animation,
halloween pumpkina spooky Halloween banner with the word Halloween appearing to drip with blood or a halloween pumpkin with its cut out eyes and mouth glowing with animated flames, animated neon signs and many more!

We offer a number of free animations that are available to download. These include free versions of many of our welcome banners and seasonal animations including the Fourth of July animated USA flag banner for American independence day, which you can see below featuring one of our animated flags:

July 4th Independence Day animation download July 4th banner animation for Independance day

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