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Animated flags, featuring an animated flag waving on a flagpole, animated flag words and animated flags in the shape of a map. The WebAnimations animated flag collection: Animated flags

We have created a range of ready to go animated flag designs, featuring animated flags from around the world and more!, including:
A basic animated flag on a flagpole , animated flag maps , and words which have one of our animated flags displayed within the outline of the letters.
You can see examples demonstrated in the display above! featuring the american (USA) flag.

Some of our flag animation designs are available free for you to use on your website provided you credit webanimations and include a hyperlink to webanimations on your website.

We have lots of animated flags available including many national flags and other types of flag such animated pirate flags and a racing finishing line chequered flag animation. To see all the animated flags currently available visit our flag list.


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