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Animation Title Description
1. Rotating Globe Banner An Earth globe moves across the screen revealing a choice of text messages
YOU can also get it customized.
2. Rotating Globe World globe animation featuring customizable text in orbit around the earth containing a selection of International flags.
We also have another Animated globe without any text.
3. Flag animations Animated Flags. Your Country's flag waving in the wind. Including:

Maps and Banners
4. Fire words An animated burning text banner. Animated text effect where the words in the welcome message are ablaze.
Customizable so the flames of the fire engulf YOUR choice of burning word or burning words.
5. Lightening strike A clap of thunder and bolt of lightening mark the appearance of this animated message.
"Customisation option!"
6. fall in A welcome message appears to fall into view, "pause" then continue falling until it vanishes!.
"We can customize the message for YOU"
7. Search Light A rotaing search light! that reveals a text message that can be customized
8.Neon sign Have a glowing neon sign at the top of your webpages!
Just tell us what you want Your sign to say.
9. Horror! If your website has a spooky content then may be one of our horror banner is for you!
Check out the new HALLOWEEN! banner.
If none of our Animations in this category are what you are looking for. Maybe something from one of our other categories is, click your choice below:
Sci-Fi Sports Freebies
Musical Nature

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